DT&I 9652 Portraits

This is an Exactrail Evolution Series model representing a Thrall 2244 gondola. I have no idea if this model is a complete foob. I took it out of the box and weathered it up. Given the fact that the whole world has slowed somewhat, I thought I’d try something different. Instead of featuring a number of different cars in one post, here are more photos than you could ever need showing the weathering on one car in high, medium and low angles, from both ends.

Materials used were Tamiya Flat on the whole car, Pebeo heavy body artist oils and Bragdon weathering powders on the interior, AK Interactive and Pan Pastels on the exterior.


A-End Photos


B-end Photos




  1. This model is no way near a complete foob! According to the ExactRail website,

    “Thrall’s 52′-6″ gondolas are some of the most common of the modern era. These cars were available in 14 and 15 panel versions. However, in 1971 and 1973 respectively, the Detroit Toledo and Ironton and Rock Island Railways purchased a unique variation of the 15-panel car. This variation had a heavy duty top chord which reinforced the car sides against the rigors of general service. Eventually, the Rock Island cars were acquired by Conrail, the Chicago South Shore and South Bend, and the Chicago and North Western. According to the DT&I Color Guide, 39 of these cars still operated in DT&I paint as of 2006!”

    The DT&I was rated at 2325 cu ft — less than 4% more than the model designation.


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