LV 37048 Portraits

Lehigh Valley 37048 is a 70 ton Bethlehem riveted gondola by Tangent Scale Models. It represents one of the company’s pieces of rolling stock that were sold to U.S. Leasing so they could be reconditioned and then leased back in a bid to keep the bankrupt railroad afloat.

The model itself is entirely stock. The car’s interior was weathered with artist oils and Bragdon powders applied to the tacky paint with sponge. While the interiors of the prototype cars were given a coat of light grey paint during their reconditioning, they got beat up quickly in general service. To weather the exterior, I used a light wash of AK Interactive Streaking Grime. After applying Tamiya Clear Flat, a light dusting with Pan Pastels brought out some highlights.

It’s a simple project that represents a car that has been repainted within the past few years.



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