About me

The Niagara Branch is my second blog about model trains. My first blog is called Ontario In HO Scale. It illustrates my connection to the Waterloo Region Model Railway Club WRMRC and the modelling I do in support of that project. I started this blog because Ontario In HO Scale was becoming overrun by posts about my home layout, which are not relevant to the club’s theme.

Hunter Hughson is the name of my boutique model building company. I use this as a brand when I create in the context of model trains which goes a long way to controlling my digital footprint and to make my work more search engine friendly. The name relates back to my earliest exposure to trains in Hamilton Ontario, and my interest in the TH&B (the headquarters of the TH&B was at the corner of Hunter and Hughson Streets). Growing up in the early 1970s, I spent much time in the Buffalo area because my parents had family friends there. My father, being an ex-CNR employee, was always interested in railroading, and we usually took the long way to Buffalo from Hamilton, which meant following the Niagara Branch through Niagara Falls, North Tonawanda, Tonawanda, and Black Rock. Hopefully that explains the Hunter Hughson moniker, the era I chose, and the obscure location of North Tonawanda, New York as my modelling subject.

When you read these pages, remember that I’m not claiming to be an authority on anything. This is just a blog where a guy posts stuff about the toys he plays with. I’m always interested in learning more, so please feel free to help me out if you see an opportunity.