Two New Projects off the Bench: S-3 and NE-6

I’ve been finishing a few projects over the past few days.

IMG_9564Penn Central 9365 is a Proto 2000 Alco S3 that I bought used at the Springfield show in 2014.  I really like the way this model runs but the factory lettering was completely wrong and annoyed me too much to let it be. I stripped off the original lettering, repainted it and used Microscale decals to make it a more accurate rendition of the prototype. I renumbered it while I was at it. Here’s a shot after a quick first-pass of weathering.  Looking at the photo I noticed a couple of things that I missed, so it’ll be back on the workbench for a 15 minute touch up.

IMG_9568Penn Central caboose 19825 is a completely stock model of an NE-6 by Centralia Car Shops.  I dirtied it up some and now it truly is “ready to roll.”

I have no evidence of this combination of equipment ever working the paper plant at North Tonawanda.  In fact, I’ve no evidence of an S-3 working anywhere around Buffalo, but this is as good as it gets until I get an S-2.  The NE-6 is part of my growing fleet of road cabeese. My trio of N5Bs will be coming off the workbench soon, and two of those are earmarked for the local crews at North Tonawanda. For now, this NE-6 will be the rolling lunchroom/bathroom for the crew switching the International Paper plant.


  1. Hunter,

    The rolling stock looks great in my book, I’m a fan of Alco/GE switchers. You just might need that extra 350 hp for the paper plant! Do you do all of your weathering with an air brush?

    Best, Scott


  2. Hunter,

    The S3 and Caboose look great. The weathering makes them looked used but not beat up. Did you manage to install lights in the S3? I have been working on a GP7 and I am using the Ngineering SMD LEDs again. This time I put them inside a sort section of tubing and glued the tubing up against the inside of the loco lens. It really helps to collimate the light, making it less noticeable when viewed from the side, but keeps the brightness when viewed head on.



    1. Thanks Ryan. I’ve been referring to photos as I weather, and that’s probably keeping me from going too far with the grime. I’m still experimenting with headlights. The headlight in the S-3 was installed by a friend. I’ll try the technique you described.


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