Model Photography

Eric Hansmann’s recent post on roster shots, as well as his older post about photographing models got me thinking about taking my models off the layout and shooting them in front of a backdrop. Eric points out that there are plenty of ways to put photos like this to good use, not the least of which is to keep track of your rolling stock. While it’s certainly a different kind of effect, the most obvious benefit of photos done in a studio-style setting is that nothing competes with the model for attention.

I’m experimenting with some different lighting strategies and exposures, but I’m essentially using one main light and a diffused fill light on each side. My camera is set at 100 ISO and I’m shooting through a mild telephoto with aperture set around f32. Here’s the first go round, with some models that anyone who follows my blog will, no doubt, recognize.







  1. I like the soft shadows and the tone of the light in your images. Too many times we only use one light source. I use two but need to get a couple diffusers to soften the shadows.


    1. Instead of using a box or booth, I’m doing something similar to what you do: I have a roll of grey paper laid out on my workbench with one main light and a fill light on each side. I had to move the lights back to soften their intensity a bit because they were making the models look like they’re on the moon.



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