PNC 3403 visits Sudbury

I was always a fan of these supremely cool Paducah Kentucky rebuilds. CP leased some of these from PNC, and although though 3403 wasn’t one of the units that was photographed on the Sudbury Division, I decided to leave the road number and press it into service for this fall’s operating sessions at the Waterloo Region Model Railway Club. I wanted to build one of these since forever, and thanks to Intermountain, there wasn’t much building to be done. The work involved simply swapping out the couplers for 58s, polishing up the wheel treads, and then spending a whole bunch of time going back and forth between prototype photos and Pan Pastels. My suggested pairing with the photo is two fingers of Woodford Reserve on ice and the Allman Brothers’ original studio recording of Midnight Rider from 1970.




  1. Nice job…..I remember seeing the PNC geeps(PNC was in Mt Vernon, IL , a regular stop on the way home from school at SIU-Carbondale) on the ICG mostly. I like the pairings idea, and how you managed to sneak reserved into your comment above….lol


    1. Do I have my facts wrong on the rebuild location of the PNC GP10s? I was assuming they were done at Paducah KY. If there’s no Kentucky connection, my suggested pairing might have to be updated 🙂


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