Raw Materials Storage

This scene represents the raw materials storage building and dock at International Paper. Anyone who knows the actual Tonawanda Island factory will see the compromises, but I feel like it’s good enough for now. I finished the awning, weathered the building a bit more, and added a few details. Time to move on to  the “machine hall.”







  1. Hunter,
    What a great looking scene! Everything just works perfectly together. The weathering on the concrete portions of the building and the loading dock looks fantastic, the ground around the track is just beautifully done, and the boxcars look awesome! And of course, the awning looks great, too. Just some really fine work!


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    1. You know how it is, no doubt: you pick away at a scene, take a break from it to work on something else, go back to it when time permits, and then one day it all seems to come together. Thanks for the kind words!


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