More Scratch Built Structures

I’ve been working on a group of structures that comprise the central part of the paper plant on my layout. It’s the building directly behind the pulp storage tank, so it might be the bleach plant, but I’ll have to double check the facts on that. Regardless, I’m working from aerial photos of the plant, so I estimated the size and shape of all of the various structures in this part of the plant. I also decided to do the back of the cutting/stacking building while I was on a roll. So here’s a basic tour of the build so far.

Here’s the first step. I estimated the size of the end of the building and laid it out on .060″ styrene. I’ll put veneer over this later, so cut oversized openings where there will be windows and doors. What’s not shown here are the end walls and a brace up the centreline of the building. It’s a flat, so the whole thing is 2″ deep.
I cut the veneer to shape and cut the openings for the windows and doors. Because the structure is masonry, the windows should be set back from the face, so I built up a frame for each window with .060″ styrene L stock. The windows are glued flush to the back of the L stock.


Here’s the right 2/3 of the veneer. The sheets aren’t big enough to span the whole building (it’s 16″ wide) so I had to splice a few pieces together.


There are two additions, or parts of the building that stick out from the main building. I built the rear wall and some internal braces from .040″ styrene, then used the metal siding sheet styrene for the walls. These buildings are small, so the sheet stock is strong enough. Obviously, some holes had to be cut for the windows and doors.


This is the other addition to the main concrete building. I built it with .040″ sheet on the back wall, and one brace wall coming out toward the front in the middle. The front three walls are metal siding sheet. I had to fabricate a man-door because I didn’t have anything suitable in my stock. I felt that a couple of braces in the back corner would help keep this things squared up.


I’ve missed photographing a few steps with the construction of the main concrete block structure, but here’s the general layout of the parts, set up on my workbench. The tower and and tank are about where they’ll end up in relation to the main building. When I build my powerhouse structure, I mixed the colour by hand to match the photos. I later discovered a Vallejo colour thats a near perfect match to my colour, so I shot the buildings with that. It seems the company painted most of the plant in this colour. In the foreground is the back wall of the cutting/stacking room. It will be a flat, about 3/4″ thick that sits immediately to the right of this building. What you see in the photo is the veneer with all of the window openings cut and some of the .060 L stock glued to the back to form the window recesses.


I’ll do all of the roofs at the same time, when I’m finished with all of the detail painting, window glazing and some other small parts. Stay tuned for more adventures in styrene.


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