GMDD Geeps

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve think I’ve amassed all of the GP7s and GP9s that I need in order to build the fleet of GMDD products that will power some of the through trains on my layout. If I can get some other commitments out of the way, this photo outlines my modelling projects this winter.


I’m not completely set on all of the specific numbers, especially for the St. Thomas-based Canada Southern geeps. I’m certain about 7440, but the others could change. I’ll be adding GMDD-specific details to each of them and modifying the factory paint schemes, but I expect to be able to salvage the majority of the factory paint without having to strip them right down to the plastic.

In terms of the electronics, I’ll be dispensing with two Tsunami, two Tsunami 2 decoders, and four factory speakers in order to replacing them with LokSound parts. I know there are people out there who love Tsunami decoders, so I’m sure I’ll be able to sell them. I’ll convert the lighting over to LEDs when I do the decoder installs.

The three TH&B GP7s will consist of two phase I units and one phase II. PC Geeps will be the power for FT1 and TF2. All of the CASO GP7s were Phase II, so I’ll either build a pair of them, or one will become a C&O Canada Division GP7, to power DT41 and its counterpart.

In order to build the TH&B geeps, I’ll need some of the Aberdeen Car Shops or Herald King decals for TH&B GP7s and GP9s. Please contact me if you have some to sell. I’m not sure which decals to use for the C&O geep, but I’m sure I’ll get some help with that. Even without those decals there’s lots here to keep me busy, assuming that my life permits me to get back to trains this winter.


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