2017 Chicagoland RPM Model – DT&I Pulpwood Rack

There were hundreds of fantastic models at the 2017 Chicagoland RPM, but here’s another one that caught my eye. It was built by Craig Wilson from Battle Creek Michigan. Here’s the info from Craig’s model display card.

This is  ‘Pulpwood Rack’ – a one-of-a-kind conversion from a Bethlehem 1937 car originally in the DT&I series 13000-13249. The car was converted at the Jackson Ohio shop in 1967 by having the roof removed, chains added to secure the sides, drain holes cut in the sides. It was stenciled “Return to Ann Arbor RR Lake George Mich.”

Craig started with a Bowser model using Microscale set 87-315, and Herald King sets B113 and H113. He added trimmed twigs for the load.


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