Buffalo: September 26th, 1972

I spent a few days in Buffalo with some friends from the Penn Central Railroad Historical Society, and when the conversation wasn’t about Penn Central history, or Penn Central models, it landed on the upcoming election.

44 years ago today, I’m sure Americans were also talking about their upcoming election. Richard Nixon was campaigning hard to win his second term as President of the United States against George McGovern. Nixon’s platform was premised on his solid economic record and the fact that he made great strides in bringing the Vietnam War to a close during his first term. Election campaigning was reaching a fever pitch, and Nixon lead in the polls by a large margin throughout the campaign. Surely, Nixon and Agnew sensed that they were destined to win the election, which they ultimately did, by a landslide. But neither man would know that both of them would be out of office before the end of the 37th Presidency.

The photo below is an attempt to bring it back to trains. Maybe this is what it looked like in Buffalo on September 26th 1972, when Penn Central S2 #9633 shuffled a few cars on a gritty and rotten industrial lead near one of the busiest rail hubs on the continent.





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