GP38 Gallery

No layout depicting mainline trains on the Penn Central is complete without GP38s. Having rostered 280 of them, the GP38 had a substantial presence on PC. I purchased two undecorated Atlas models from Action Hobbies Kingsville back in February of this year, and it was all I could do to finish them this spring. Here’s a short gallery of the completed models.

For those of you interested in this sort thing, I used a cab signal box from Shapeways, Vallejo surface primer and paint, Testors Glosscoat and Dullcoat, Microscale and Penn Central Historical Society decals, and Pan Pastels. Otherwise, the model is a stock Atlas Gold GP38.

Penn Central GP38 7732 is photographed on my layout set in North Tonawanda NY as it leads a caboose hop from Niagara Falls NY to Buffalo’s Frontier Yard in August 1974.




Penn Central GP38 7726 is the trailing unit on a caboose hop between Niagara Falls NY and Buffalo’s Frontier Yard, seen here passing through North Tonawnda on my layout, August 1974.




Penn Central 7732, on my layout depicting North Tonawanda NY.



Penn Central 7726 on my layout depicting North Tonawanda NY.


  1. Nicely done and well photographed. Keep it up and you might convince a couple more people to model Penn Central. (Disclaimer: I would be one of them.)


    1. Thanks Trevor! Weathering and photographing Penn Central locomotives is an ongoing learning process for me. Prototype photos have proven to provide indispensable guidance. I’m still learning, but I like how things are shaping up.


  2. HI Hunter,
    Got to hand it to you, the two brutes look great! You have a rather diverse roster now. What are your plans for the RSD5’s??

    Heav a great summer, Scott


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