RSD-5 by Doug Kroll


PC only had five of these C-trucked Alco roadswitchers. They’re seen here at the west end of Frontier Yard in Buffalo on September 6, 1972 in a photo by Doug Kroll. The five units (6801, 6805 pictured here) could be seen doing heavy switching and transfer service around Buffalo in the PC era. I’ll no doubt have to build a pair of these to run an occasional foray from Frontier to Niagara Falls NY and back, by way of the Niagara Branch.



  1. Hi Hunter,

    I’m very impressed with the background history, great info. Knowing that there will be more Alco’s on your layout makes me a happy boy!

    Best, Scott


  2. Hi Hunter,
    I believe “Hooker” had a chemical plant in Niagara Falls N.Y. where they produced Chlorine for the Pulp And Paper Industries ( and other industries) in the area. So the RSD 5 would be hauling the Hooker Tank cars back and forth.
    Regards, Rick


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