8470 at North Tonawanda- August 1974


8470 spots a car at International Paper at North Tonawanda. The CP boxcar was loaded on the TH&B in Hamilton Ontario with refurbished evaporator grates for the wet end of the paper machine. It was lifted at TH&B’s Kinnear Yard by train TF-2 and set out at Penn Central’s yard in Niagara Falls NY. From there, it was shuttled to North Tonawanda yard by an afternoon crosstown transfer on its return trip to Frontier Yard. From there, the Canadian boxcar was brought over to Tonawanda Island with a mix of tank cars and a few empties to be loaded with fine writing paper by a local job that picks up its locomotive and caboose at North Tonawanda yard.

The caboose captured in this photo is one of a small group purchased from second-hand from the Lehigh Valley in 1969. The SW-1 was originally a NYC engine, as revealed by the paint peeling away from the oval on the side of the cab. The boxcar will outlive everything in this photo, but not by much. In a few short years International Paper will close the plant on Tonawanda Island, the caboose and locomotive will be deemed unsuitable for service and scrapped, and Penn Central itself will disappear into Conrail. This represents a day in 1974, frozen in time on my home layout.


1 Comment

  1. Hi Hunter,

    I like very much the “history” behind your equipment. The layout is coming along nicely. The subtle details and weathering in my opinion really make the picture. I also understand about the two blogs, makes perfect sense to me.

    Best, Scott


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