The Transition from Ontario in HO Scale


I’ve been writing on my blog Ontario In HO Scale since August 12, 2012. When I started, I was primarily concerned with writing publicly about my model railroad interests, which were somewhat different than they are now. I didn’t have a home layout at the time, and all of my model building was done in connection to the Waterloo Region Model Railway Club (WRMRC), where we model CP Rail in and around Sudbury Ontario in the 1970s. Around September of 2013, I found myself in a position to build a home layout, and through that fall I planned and schemed. Construction had begun by early 2014.

I decided, for a whole host of reasons, that my home layout would be based on an entirely different geographical locale than the WRMRC, but I was still deeply invested in the 1970s as a modelling era. By virtue of the fact that I have more time to work on a layout in my basement than one that is an hour’s drive from home, my hobby time has increasingly been dedicated to my home layout. My blog posts are a direct reflection of the time I spend on the hobby, and so my posts about my home layout have incrementally increased while those about the WRMRC have declined.

The name of my other blog was entirely relevant to all of the modelling I was doing at the time that I started writing it. However, as my layout progressed to the point of having something to write about, the title of my blog became less relevant. I feel like my modelling has crossed a threshold where I write more about the modelling I do at home, for the simple reason that I can on my home layout any time I want. I’ve decided to make a break from Ontario In HO Scale and start this new blog about Penn Central’s Niagara Branch – the theme of my home layout. I’ll continue to write about projects that are specific to Ontario over on my other blog. Anything related to the WRMRC, and any Canadian rolling stock built for my home layout will show up over there. Everything related to my home layout will eventually show up here. I might try double posting for a while, to ensure that I’m not launching this new blog into an utter void.

If you’re one of the people who has followed Ontario In HO Scale over the past couple of years, I hope you’ll find this new blog equally interesting. Really, the biggest difference is the title. It’s still me writing about my layout. If you’ve just found this blog, please check back as I build the content over the coming months.


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