What’s New: Structures, Transfer Caboose, Concrete

As I was drafting this post to my blog I realized it’s been quiet on here for a while. Five weeks, to be precise. Surprisingly, my site stats didn’t fall off, which tells me that people are coming back to read through my old posts. I’m pleased to have been writing this blog long enough that there’s some depth here, and doubly pleased that people are actually reading old posts.

Sometimes, projects move in such small increments that there’s not much to report. Compounding this is fact that I’ve been engaged in more thinking than doing. I had to sort out a few things before I could move ahead.  So here’s what I have to show for five weeks of work.


The scene above is far from finished, but it’s far enough along that I decided to pose some rolling stock and take a photo. Staring in the background, you’ll see that I’ve been working on one of the buildings in the paper plant. This is where some of the processing of the pulp and chemical additives takes place. In the middle of the frame is a brand-new Bluford transfer caboose that I bought today and placed directly into this scene. To the left are two of the nine tank cars that I bought from Atlas over the winter. Each needed some work to get them on the rails, and over the past weeks I’ve finished two of them. The most recent work that I completed was the concrete surface in the foreground. This will eventually be a tank car unloading area.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to work faster so I can post more frequently 🙂


  1. Hunter,

    A very nice scene. I have been thinking of getting the Buford caboose myself, but then I think about getting the old Custom Brass model of it. The idea of not painting one is a plus.


    1. Thanks Jim. The Bluford model is very nice, though I really haven’t had a chance to go over it in detail. I think the only thing I’ll change will be the Kadee #5 couplers (to scale couplers) and add some weathering. That leaves me more time to work on the complex buildings at the paper plant.


  2. Hunter,
    Nice micro scene. I always liked PC’s transfer cabooses, a cheese box on a flat car. The tankers look like the real deal!

    Best, Scott


    1. Thanks. The concrete took more time to plan than to actually complete. I had exchanged emails with Tom Johnson to learn how he does his road surfaces on his Logansport and Indiana Northern. In the end, I went with a technique of my own, but I’m still going to try Tom’s technique on some asphalt surfaces in the paper plant.


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