Penn Central 9574

I’ve finished the other half of my SW1500 pair.


Penn Central 9574 is a stock Athearn RTR SW1500 that I renumbered. I weathered it slightly more heavily than PC 9570, though it’s hard to tell in the photos.


Again, for this model I was trying to capture the effect of a reasonably new locomotive that still runs well but never gets washed.

Stay tuned for some additions to the caboose fleet in the near future. Supplies required for their completion will probably show up in the mail this week.


      1. I have a few sets of HO and N scale number board sets from Shell Scale, but none of them fit. The number boards on these models are very small, as per the prototype. I haven’t found good photos of just the number board (on a PC SW1500) in order to figure out what’s going on. They might be tall an narrow numerals specific to this generation of EMD switchers. Or the corners of the numerals could be obscured behind the opening. In the meantime, I’ll have to go back to the Shell Scale web site and see if they have a tall and narrow font in N-scale.


      1. This is a great shot Jurgen. Nice N5B caboose trailing. Apparently that was one of the fairly typical setups for local trains in the area. The photographer (Doug Kroll) grew up in North Tonawanda in the 70s. I contacted him last year and he had me over to his house. He shared his insights with me, gave me a couple of maps, and then took me on a guided tour of abandoned railways and factories with photos of what used to be there. The CSX line between Buffalo and Niagara Falls is still active, but nearly everything else is gone. It was a hugely informative day despite the fact that nearly everything I’m modelling is long gone.

        Back to the photo. This might be one of the many that Doug showed me that day. Maybe not, this one was taken in Buffalo and he narrowed things down to the North Tonawanda area for me. Anyway, this shot shows the odd font used in the number boards. Compared to other EMD number boards, the numerals are very tall and thin, and I don’t have anything like it in my collection of decal sheets, nor is there anything in my collection of leftovers. Shell Scale Decals doesn’t have the exact font, but I ordered a couple more sets from them, one of which might be close enough that I can fudge it. Until I solve that problem, I’m leaving the number boards blank and calling these units “finished.”


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