N8 Caboose Project update

When Colin asked me in a recent post whether I had finished this project, I realized I hadn’t written an update.  For some background on this project, check out this post from March. This was a fairly straightforward upgrade of an older but still very nice kit.  I used Kadee trucks, some wire details underneath, paint and Microscale decals, and just a quick once-over with the Pan Pastels to get a start on the weathering.  It needs some more attention to the weathering and a few more detail parts, but for now, I’d be happy to run Penn Central N8 cabin 23298 in its current state. IMG_0879For those of you less inclined to build and paint your own, Bowser has announced that they are adding this model to their “Executive” line of products.  Presumably, this means they will be improving some aspects of the model and selling it ready-to-run.  I wasn’t interested in building another N8 caboose, but I might buy one of these “Executive” models if they’ve improved the trucks and offer it in the more common Penn Central scheme without the horizontal stripe.

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